Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Oregon Coast

This is just one area in our beautiful country that you have to see
to really appreciate. It takes your breath away.
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Welcome to ScenicViews

When my son handed me his digital camera and told me to go have fun, I took him at his word and did just that. I was excited about having pictures for my blog, for Sky Watch and whatever else I might come upon where photos/pictures would be a great addition. It wasn't long before I had way too many photos for my blog -- wouldn't leave me much space to rant about politics and whatever else might set me off. Plus, I have several friends who have shared their beautiful photos with me and have given me permission to blog them -- what to do? Then a blogging friend of mine started her own photo blog and my being an excellent copy cat, I decided to do the same thing. So this is the beginning and we'll see where it goes and where it takes me.